Pengaruh Penilaian RGEC Terhadap Kinerja Perbankan Yang Terdaftar di BEI Periode 2010-2014



Andry Tri Lesamana
Yulian Belinda Ambarwati
STIE Perbanas Surabaya


Bank is an institution that has the main purpose of financial to connect or to raise public funds (customer) and distribute funds and provide other banking services. The purpose of this research is to determine and analyze the level of health banks using RGEC assessment of the banking companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2010-2014. The number of samples used is 17 out of 35 foreign exchange banks. The sampling technique used is purposive sampling and the data used in this research is secondary data by looking at the financial reports and GCG sampled bank reports. This research using logistic regression. Results from this research that the ratio of Non Performing Loan (NPL), Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR), Good Corporate Governance (GCG), Return on Assets (ROA), net interest margin (NIM) and the Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) can be used to predict the level of health banks just using ROA and NIM ratio, because the significance value below 0.05 (5%), while the NPL, LDR, GCG and CAR ratio can not be used to predict the level of health banks due to the significance value above 0.05 (5%).

Keywords : The level of health banks, bank foreign exchange, bank financial ratios, logistic regression.

IARJ Volume 3 Nomor 2 Lesamana & Ambarwati

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Pemilik: Dr. Priyo Sajarwo Y., M.Si., CA., Akt.

Direktur: Dr. Junaidi, M.Si., CA., Ak., CSRS

Mitra Bestari

  1. Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim, MBA., Akt. (Universitas Gadjah Mada)
  2. Prof. Dr. Gudono, MBA., Akt. (Universitas Gadjah Mada)
  3. Dr. Meinarni Asnawi, M.Si., Akt. (Universitas Cenderawasih )
  4. Dr. Luciana Spica Almilia, M.Si. Akt., CMA., CFA.(STIE Perbanas Surabaya)
  5. Dr. Syukriy Abdullah, M.Si., Akt. (Universitas Syiah Kuala)
  6. Dr. Negina Kencono Putri, M.Si., Akt. (Universitas Jendral Soedirman)
  7. Dr. (cand.)Icuk Rangga Bawono, M.Si., MH., Akt., CA. (Universitas Jendral Soedirman)
  8. Dr. (cand.) Yavida Nurim, M.Si. Akt.(Universitas Janabadra)
  9. Dr. Sri Suryaningsum, M.Si., Akt. (UPN Veteran Yogyakarta)
  10. Dr. I Made Narsa, M.Si., Akt., CMA. (Universitas Airlangga)
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  14. Dr. Rahmat Febrianto, M.Si. Akt. (Universitas Andalas)
  15. Dr. Atika Jauharia Hatta, M.Si., Akt. (STIE YKPN)
  16. Yuliansyah, M.S.A., Ph.D, Akt, CA (Universitas Lampung)
  17. Dr. Efraim Ferdinan Giri, M.Si., Akt.(STIE YKPN)