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We’ve come so far
To leave it all behind
I wonder why
Or did you go away?
And left me all alone
No words can say
My love, please stay.
You and I, we have moments left to share
(Moments left to share)
You and I, we can make it anywhere
(Make it anywhere)
You and I, we belong in each other’s arms
There can be no other love
Now, I know that we could have it all forever
Each night I pray
That we can be together once again
Forever more
We’ll stay and love this way
No matter what they say
Until the end.
(Repeat Refrain)
Oh, oh, oh
Ahh, ahh, ohh
Woh, I’m…
(Repeat Refrain)
Now I know that we could have it all forever….(2x)

Perhatian: Belilah VCD/DVD Aslinya Pada Alamat Yang Tercantum Pada Video.
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