Sistem pendukung keputusan menentukan kualitas rumah susun pada kabupaten Pringsewu menggunakan metode topsis



Sistem pendukung keputusan menentukan kualitas rumah susun pada kabupaten Pringsewu        menggunakan metode topsis

Elisabet Yunaeti Anggraeni
Abdul Aziz
STMIK Pringsewu Lampung

Quality of Flats is the concern of every citizen and the relevant health department that needs a healthy flats. To determine the quality of declared healthy or unhealthy apartment using three criteria, including: components of houses, facilities, and behavior. In this research to determine the quality of flats used 10 samples, from the calculation results obtained 2 houses stated healthy condition and 8 homes expressed unhealthy conditions. MethodTOPSIS applied to determine the priority quality of healthy flats, from the calculation stated the second alternative to the value of preferences1 is the main priority for the quality of healthy flats.From the calculation of TOPSIS method can be an input for the relevant health agencies to follow up the priority of healthy flats. The calculation of the system has been validated with manual calculations obtained the same results, and it can be said that decision support system that has applied TOPSIS method to determine the priority of healthy house can run well and in accordance with the expected criteria.
Keywords: decision support system, TOPSIS method, housing conditions


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Pemilik: Dr. Priyo Sajarwo Y., M.Si., CA., Akt.

Direktur: Dr. Junaidi, M.Si., CA., Ak., CSRS

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