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Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international broadcaster. We convey a comprehensive image of Germany, report events and developments, incorporate German and other perspectives in a journalistically independent manner. By doing so we promote understanding between cultures and peoples. We simultaneously also provide access to the German language.

We carry out our legal mandate through television, radio and internet. DW stands for in-depth and reliable information in 30 languages, with TV in English, German, Spanish and Arabic. Our flagship is the 24-hour English language TV channel which is available almost everywhere in the world.

We reach out especially to international decision makers, to people who have or will have influence on opinion making. In authoritarian states we turn to those who engage themselves for democracy, civil liberties and progress. Our German programs are also directed towards German speakers abroad and those who teach or want to learn German. DW reaches more than 160 million people on a weekly basis. DW – Made for minds. That’s our claim.

We rely on a satellite network, on our roughly 5,000 partner stations, on the internet and on mobile distribution. The new DW app offers online content according to user preferences. We keep broadcasting through short wave, for instance in Africa and parts of Asia, where this form of communication still reaches many people.

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