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We better get up and jump !
Look at The sun is shining..
Huming bird’s singing ..

Get up ..and jump..
Universe is smiling..
Spreading the morning dew…yeah..

Better get up and jump…
Seeing is believing..
Working is the healing..

Uppp.. and jump…
Time will keep on showing ….
All the things we’re learning..

Start to read the paper,
start to talk the talk ..
Feel the blissful weather
(while we’re) brewing our morning coffee
Smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..
Livin’ it upppppppppppppp

Life is so much better if you …
Smile…… livin’it uppp …

Perhatian: Belilah VCD/DVD Aslinya Pada Alamat Yang Tercantum Pada Video.
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